Nick has been an incredibly great asset to help with not just the SAT tutoring, but in all facets of planning and understanding the process ... he even contacted some schools for us in order to see what their priorities are in so far as what test scores are important, how they look at them, and even how they view other aspects of a student's application and history. The communications of the staff, as well as the punctuality and overall capabilities of everyone has been outstanding. I highly recommend Achieve Learning Center.    


Alan M. (parent)

   Nick is a great teacher, and he helps a lot with my daughter's SAT verbal. Thanks so much.    


- Karen W. (parent)

   I'll start out by saying that Nick is a great mentor and a huge help for me, as a student.  His vast knowledge and teaching methods are unbelievable, and his friendly demeanor only adds onto this.  Needing help with my college essays, I turned to Nick, and I was equally amazed.  Nick read, corrected, and gave tips on my essays as well as replied  to my e-mails regularly.  Considering all of this, Nick, and his organization, the Achieve Learning Center, has helped me through this strenuous year.  I fully recommend the Achieve Learning Center.    


- William C. (student)

   We have had a very positive experience with the Achieve Learning Center. My first contact was with Juan Sanchez, its founder, to arrange an initial meeting with a tutor for my son who is a sophmore in high school. After an initial setback due to a communication issue with the first tutor identified, we were matched with a tutor who has exceeded our expectations. She has been everything we hoped for; personable, enthusiastic, flexible, reliable and highly qualified.    


- Mike M. (parent)


   We were referred to Achieve Learning via an email recommendation to a parent list serve at Oakland Tech.  The parent wrote that the SAT prep class offered by Achieve Learning was excellent and a good price too.  I completely agree.  My daughter took the course and then immediately took the SAT in March 2011 as a junior.  Her scores were great and we are sure that the course had a good deal to do with the result.    


- Judy S. (parent)


   Our tutor is flexible to the needs of my child. She takes the time to really figure out where my child needs help and puts her focus there. She does research ahead of time to maximize their time together. She has been extremely accommodating to our crazy schedule. She is enthusiastic and understands teenagers. I highly recommend Achieve Learning Center!!!    

- Jill J. (parent)


   Nick is an amazing tutor, and a phenomenal college guidance counselor. He has been a great help to me by tutoring me in SAT and assisting me with my college essays. Above all, he is understanding, compassionate, and receptive. I am completely grateful for what Nick has done, and most importantly what his organization, the *Achieve Learning Center*, has done for me and other students. I fully recommend the Achieve Learning Center.    

- William C. (student)